Baby Car Seat Features And Accessories

Baby Car Seat Features And Accessories

Many parents usually ask the question how can I make my child safe while am driving? A car baby car seat that is said to be safe is the one you are conversant with and which you can use correctly at all times without any mishaps. Accidents can happen at any time, and one needs to at least put the right protection mechanism to ensure that if it happens, there will be fewer injuries or fatalities. Below are some of the bay car safety features that you should always be looking out for when you are purchasing and fitting your child in the car. Some of the features meet the laid down requirements by government safety authorities and have been passed fit for crash test. You need to at all times ensure that the required elements are in proper shape and are used correctly.

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Currently, in the market, there are the 5-point harness and 3-point harness. Car experts say that the 5-point harness is the best since it offers fewer movements of the baby and ensures that the baby will not have to suffer a sit ejection. But ensure you go for one which works for you correctly.

Rear-facing tethers and anti-rebound bars.

Infants and convertible seats do have this feature on them. They significantly reduce rebound effect of the rear-facing seats, increases installation stability and have improved crash performance capabilities.

Foot Props

These foot props significantly reduce the possibility of downward rotation in the event of an accident. It is highly encouraged for heavier children by increasing the safety of the rear-facing restraints.

Carrying handles

This is a feature that allows you to take the baby car seat while moving it around. Different models come with handles positioned differently. But the critical thing is that while the baby car seat is fitted in the car, the handle should be placed in a proper position to avoid breakage or harming the baby and the other car occupants.

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This is an essential feature on the car seats. Some are fitted with the car, but on the recent models, they are installed on the seats. The LATCH offers excellent support and stability to the baby’s car seat.


They are wing like that are padded on either side of the head areas of the seat. They are helpful in preventing the head from hitting hard surfaces and also keeps the head upright while sleeping.

Recline Adjustments

This allows for the seats to be reclined at any comfortable angles. For newborns, 45-degree recline angle is accepted. Some models of car seats have built-in recline adjustments. So go for the one that gives makes you use it well and gives you your perfect recline angle.


The canopy offers the bay protection from the sun. It’s an important feature you should look out for. Check if it’s sturdy and can also retract or it is fixed permanently.

Rear-facing tethers

This feature is found in both convertible and some models of infant car seats. They serve to improve crash performance, improve installation stability and prevent the rolling over of the seat.

Head impact protection

Injuries to the head can be very fatal and as such excellent security needs to be given to the head region. Most baby car seats do have a layer of foam that is similar to the helmet of a bicycle. These serve to protect the baby against the impact of hitting hard surfaces.

Route path for seat belt

This feature is essential since it makes installation of the car seat much more manageable. The route shows you where to attach the safety belt to so that the baby and the seat are positioned well enough.

Weight limit

Several baby car seat models nowadays come with weight limits. This is meant to improve crash performance and reduced greatly the chances of the baby being thrown unnecessarily. New models of convertible baby car seats have weight limits of up to 40 pounds, with infant car seats having a weight limit of up to 35 pounds.

Locking clips

Current models of baby car seats come with built-in locking clips so help improve the stability of the seat and preventing the seatbelt from being loose with time. A suitable locking clip is one which is easier to use and which offer a tighter fit.

Tether Straps

The fasteners may vary in mechanism in how the adjustment of the strap is done. Some tethers come with a push-button mechanism while others come with a hooking mechanism. Ensure to go for the device that you will be easy for you to use.

Infant carrier bases

This is another exciting feature that will help you have an easy time working with baby car seats. Different models come with a base that can be fitted in the car and allows you to remove or install the carrier onto the base without having to remove the baby from the seat itself.

Two-piece chest clips

Chest clips play an essential role in a baby car seat. They reduce the twisting of the straps, and they are easy to use at any given point. Also, they are not easy for the child to detach hence making the baby stay in the seat all through.


As the car seat technology keeps on advancing, more and more feature will b added to improve on crash performance and stability. The above function will offer you an excellent decision-making point when you go about purchasing a car seat for your child.  Car seats with some of these features will be a good one only if they can be appropriately used. Consult with the technicians before you purchase the product. You can go even further to test each of the features to ensure that they are working the way they are supposed to work. Also, ensure that your car is big enough to accommodate the baby car seat you will be purchasing. This makes it essential to much the baby car seat features to your car layout.


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