10 Proven & Tested Tips For Buying Baby Car Seats

10 Proven & Tested Tips For Buying Baby Car Seats

One of the crucial decisions you will make for your babies is to choose for them the best and safer car seat. There are several baby car seats in the market and each come with their specifications. So when purchasing one, you need to choose one that you are indeed comfortable. Also, look out for those that offer you convenience and an easy time.

Below we will look at various things you need to look out for a while choosing a baby’s car seat.

1. Age of the Child

Ensure to check on this one very carefully. One baby car seat will be right for one child and not for the other. Babies grow and what one baby will use now will not be perfect for another. Rear-facing seats or a forward-facing seat are suitable for babies under the age of six months. Rear-facing seats or a forward facing restraint seat will be perfect for babies’ ages between 6 months and four years. Forward facing restraint or a booster seat will be ideal for children between the ages of 4 years and seven years.

2. The height of the baby

You will also need to ensure that you check your baby’s height before purchasing a car seat for him or her. Most current baby car seats come with a feature known as shoulder height maker. This feature allows you to determine your baby’s ideal position. To ensure you are using the function correctly, the child must remain in a rear-facing seat or position until their shoulders become in-line or above the height maker facing forward.

3. Harness and straps

This is an essential feature in baby’s car seat. One needs to accurately know how to adjust the tackles and the straps in position. This will ensure that your child is safe and secure at all times while driving. Ensure you properly test the harnesses and traps before your purchase the seat. Check out for this feature keenly at all times.

4. Safety tests and Manual Instructions

Another important feature you should keenly check is if the baby car seat you are purchasing has been sufficiently tested. In the event of an accident, babies are using very vulnerable, so you need to ensure that the seat you are buying is suited for such an event. In some countries it is illegal to purchase a car seat that has not undergone the necessary safety checks. In addition, the baby’s car seat should have a detailed manual of how to use the product. A good baby car seat should have a well documented return policy should it not work or please you.

5. Installation

Always go for a baby’s car seat that is easy to install and fit. For instance, infant car seats are easy to fit in the car. They can use the LATCH system or the car’s seat belts to offer maximum stability. Some seats will be easy to fit will other will be hard to fit depending on the method one is using.

6. Ease of adjustment & use

A baby’s car seat requires being fitted in proper position to guarantee protection to the baby. So for it to be a safe car seat to use it needs to have secure harnesses and straps. But what is important is that they need to be easy to adjust at any given point. The harness and straps should be made in such a manner that the baby cannot undo them but easy for the parent to use without much hassle.

7. Easy to clean

The baby’s car seats are made from different materials with different textures and colors. It is always important to clean the seats after use so that the chances of the baby getting an infection are less. So check out for the material used. Is it washable by just wiping?  Or it requires thorough washing with detergent and water? Seats that are made of absorbent fabric will be hard to wipe clean compared to those made of smooth materials. For washing instructions always read the manual keenly to know how to wash the baby car seats.

8. Easy to fit in the car

Cars are different regarding sizes and general interior designs. So before purchasing any baby car seat first look closely how your car is on the inside and then match that to the available baby seats. Do not buy a baby car seat only to discover it does not fit in your car.

9. Easy to carry

Some baby car seats can be fitted permanently in the car, and you just need to bring your baby when you’re stepping out. For other models or for some people they would prefer to be carrying the baby and the seats together. So in case you want to do that, then go for a baby seat that is light enough. This will not give you extra train while carrying the baby in it. Check on this carefully because you do not want to have your walking impaired due to heaviness.

10. Canopy Design

Canopy offers protection from the sun, so this is an extra feature you need to check out for before purchasing. You need to check if the canopy is strong enough to withstand the tugging f small feet and hands.

11. Type of car

Not all vehicles are the same and not all baby car seats will be perfect for your car. So you need to purchase the correct one that matches your needs and that of your car’s specifications.

So its there are a lot that comes in before you set out to choose for your baby the perfect car seat. The above should offer you an excellent guide to making an ideal choice. It is always imperative to go for a product that meets your needs and is within your budget.

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