Best Baby Carriers That Fit Every Parent Needs

Best Baby Carriers That Fit Every Parent Needs

According to statistics, there are over 600 different baby carriers here in the United States with more than 50 brands of the baby carriers introduced in the past couple of months. Some of these baby carriers’ models are from trusted and well-known brands such as LILLE Baby, Ergobaby, Baby Bjorn, and Boba while others are what I would call “run off the mill” products with poor quality and designs.

Do I Need a Baby Carrier?

Most new moms often ask this question but here is my answer- (it’s my opinion)- a baby carrier isn’t a necessity. You can use a baby stroller in place of a baby carrier, or you could use a swing at home or a bouncy seat.

What makes a baby carrier unique is the fact that it’s the only gadget among the above mentioned that can be used hands-free letting you do other activities while your baby relaxes against you.

I find a baby carrier an excellent substitute for a stroller and many parents would agree with me. If your baby gets upset when he/she can’t see you or if you want to navigate in crowded spaces like stadiums or airports, then I would recommend a baby carrier over a stroller. If you love hiking, as I do, I would recommend a baby carrier over an all-terrain baby stroller.

Best Baby Carrier Comparison Chart

ImageName Best for:
best baby carrierClevr Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking CarrierBest baby carrier for hiking
best baby carrierBoba 4G CarrierBest baby carrier for bad back
best baby carriersBaby K'tan Original Baby CarrierBest baby carrier for breastfeeding
Tula Ergonomic CarrierBaby carrier for newborn
best baby carriersLILLE baby All Seasons Baby CarrierBest baby carrier for dad
Boba Baby Wrap Original Child and Newborn SlingBest baby carrier for petite mom
best baby carriersErgobaby Original Multi-Position Baby CarrierBest baby carrier for plus size moms
BabySteps Ergonomic Baby CarrierBest baby carrier for big and tall dads
best baby carriersMen’s Baby Carrier by Mission CriticalBest tactical baby carrier

Best baby carrier for hiking

best baby carriers

You have probably spent most of your life “in the woods,” and now you’re wondering and asking- how the heck am I going to hike with my toddler? Is this even possible?

The answer is YES- you can take your whole family outdoors just like you used to before. You will only need to find the best baby carrier for hiking and fortunate enough, I have done research and found a baby carrier that ideal for hiking moms and dads.

A hiking baby carrier should offer the convenience that every hiker needs and also give your baby a chance to enjoy the nature.

The best baby carrier I recommend for any parent willing to explore Mother Nature with their baby is the Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Carrier. The backpack baby carrier is made of durable and yet lightweight metal frame. It is equipped with padded shoulder pads, multiple pockets, two side water bottle holders and padded waist strap. The baby carrier is also equipped with a large back pocket where you can stash baby diapers and other baby items.

Best baby carrier for bad back

best baby carriers

Back pain is a common health problem facing parents today. However, what option do you have when you have a bad back, and you need a baby carrier?

During my weeklong research and testing, I discovered that many baby carriers are designed to keep your baby safe and don’t take into account the physical stress the carriers have on the person wearing it.

The best baby carrier for bad back should not put unnecessary pressure on the back and shoulders of the person wearing the carrier. It should be designed in such a way that it evenly distributes all the baby weight through your shoulders, back, and hips.

Boba 4G Carrier is one of the best baby carriers for bad back worth every single penny. The baby carrier offers maximum comfort and convenience for both the baby and parent and its ideal for kids from 7-45 pounds.

The only problem with this baby carrier is that it’s relatively hard to wear the baby on the back compared on front.

Best baby carrier for breastfeeding

best baby carriers

It’s unfortunate that not all baby carriers allow for easy and comfortable breastfeeding. If you want the best baby carrier for breastfeeding, I highly recommend Baby K’tan baby carrier. It is made of 100% cotton and ideal for a baby right from birth up to 35 pounds.

Your baby can discreetly breastfeed, and you’ll also be able to bond with your baby through skin-to-skin care. It’s an excellent baby carrier for breastfeeding in public.

Some of the reasons why you’ll love Ktan baby carrier is the fact that it’s easy to use and the material is soft, comfortable and also breathable.

The only problem with this baby carrier is that you can easily miscalculate the right sizing. However, if you’re not sure of the right size, you can always reach out to their customer care, and they might offer assistance.

Baby carrier for newborn

best baby carriers

If you want to purchase a baby carrier for a newborn, it’s important to understand that newborns have special needs, unlike toddlers.

Baby Tula Standard Baby Carrier is among the best baby carrier for a newborn. Its ergonomic soft style allows you to carry the baby both on front and at the back. The carrier is designed to offer maximum comfort for you and your newborn right from birth to toddlerhood.

The fabric is 100% cotton; it’s soft and can withstand machine washing. The only challenge I noticed with the Baby Tula baby carrier is that it lacks 2-way adjustable straps and it’s fitted with small pockets.

Best baby carrier for dad

best baby carriers

During my weeklong research, I discovered that nearly every baby carrier you can find on the market today is designed for moms. Lots of frills, colors, flowers, and lace, but what the best carrier for dads

I spent time talking with dads, and I was able to find one baby carrier that’s right for dads. This baby carrier was recommended by almost every dad and will serve any dad right- LILLE baby All Seasons Baby Carrier.

This baby carrier includes everything from unique lumbar support, sleeping hood for support and UV protection, adjustable straps, zippered pockets, generous padding and six ways to carry your baby. The adjustable 6-in-1 seat grows with your child right from birth to toddlerhood.

It’s fitted with the unique lumbar support that relieves lower back pressure and provides stability for a more comfortable ride.

Best baby carrier for petite mom

best baby carriers

It is true that the best baby carrier for petite moms will vary between wearers. In the recent years, I have noticed that small moms love and prefer ring slings over a baby carrier because ring slings can adjust according to the wearer’s size.

As a mother, I highly recommend Boba Baby Wrap Original Child and Newborn Sling. I have a friend who is a petite mom (Only 5 foot and weighed 87lbs before pregnancy) with five kids, and she has used the same sling for all of them.

If baby slings are not your thing, then here is my recommendation for the best baby wrap for petite moms- Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier. It’s made of 100% soft cotton, and it’s an ideal blend of a wrap, sling and a carrier hence providing the full benefits of the three options.

Best baby carrier for plus size moms

best baby carriers

If you want the best baby carrier for plus size moms, Ergobaby Original Multi-Position Baby Carrier will serve you the best. The shoulder and waist belt is padded for extra comfort, and the carrier can fit wearers from larger to petite body types. The shoulder strap adjusts from 28-47 inches and the waist belt from 26-52 inches.

The Ergo baby carrier is a great carrier that you, your partner and the baby can use for hours whether traveling, running errands, hiking or spending your time at home. Cleaning the baby carrier is simple, only cold water, drip dry and mild detergent needed, but spot cleaning is most recommended.

Best baby carrier for big and tall dads

best baby carriers

One of the best ways to wear your baby around is by using a baby carrier. If you are looking for the best baby carrier for big and tall dads, you are in luck. I have researched and found out that BabySteps Ergonomic Baby Carrier is among the best carrier for plus size dads.

The baby carrier is designed with both big dad and mom in mind- and it can be adjusted to fit the wearer’s size. You can wear your baby on your back, facing in or out and this flexibility will allow you to find the perfect and sweet spot.

The only problem I noticed with this baby carrier (which might be a safety concern) is that the straps are only fastened with a buckle and not a clip like in many other baby carriers. Curious older kids might be able to open the straps.

It is ideal for big and tall parents due to its large and padded straps. However, if you plan on buying this carrier, I would recommend you keep your eyes on your baby to prevent them from unbuckling the straps. Alternatively, you can buy another option once your child is older or curious enough of the buckles.

Best tactical baby carrier

best baby carriers

A tactical baby carrier features many features of a military baby carrier. The only difference between the two carriers is that a tactical baby carrier features a more urban and gender-neutral style but lack military-inspired features like Molle webbing straps.

The best tactical baby carrier can be used for everyday babywearing or when outdoor. With a tactical baby carrier, you can benefit from a wide range of seating position and movement that will grow with your baby.

The best tactical baby carrier is Men’s Baby Carrier by Mission Critical. The carrier has a simple but innovative design for the safety of the baby and the comfort of the wearer. It’s equipped with a removable and washable liner and a hidden sun shield to protect your child from the harmful sun rays. It is available in three colors including gray, black and coyote.

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