Tanya Madsen

Tanya MadsenHello, I’m Tanya, the founder of Babyers. I have three crazy kids, Alice (8), Lucie (5) and Nicky (2). I live in San Francisco Bay though I spent my childhood days in the South.

I started this website to specifically to help moms and dads in raising their little ones. If you love kids- love watching them learn and grow or want to know how you can put a smile on their faces and at the same time ensuring that they stay healthy and safe- we are here for you.


Babyers brand mission is the core of everything we do, and it’s as simple as it is powerful: Support healthy pregnancies and happy, healthy babies. This website offers must-have information and best baby products needed for every step of the long parenting journey right from pregnancy to the baby and the many years beyond.


Our brand is continually expanding each day. To meet the demands of our daily readers, we hired a team of experts in our field. You can find one of our notable expert writers here:


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