Best Breast Pumps For Inducing Lactation in 2019

Best Breast Pumps For Inducing Lactation in 2019

Are you in need of the best breast pump to induce lactation? Are you finding it hard to researching and shortlisting the best pump? Before heading out to Amazon to get yourself the best pumps for inducing lactation, there are some few things you need to know first.

If it’s your first time buying , you will need to ask yourself several questions before you can make the final decision. This will help you identify the  models good for inducing lactation.

Additionally, you will also need to familiarize yourself with lactation inducing pumps brands. Acquainting yourself with this information will enable you to to make an informed decision before buying.

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Best breast pump to induce lactation reviews

Induced lactation is the process where a woman who has not been pregnant is helped to produce milk. One of the main reasons why a woman may want induced lactation is because they want to breastfeed a surrogate or an adoptive baby.

Comparison Chart

ImageNameBest For
Best Breast Pumps For Inducing LactationMedela Pump in Style Advanced Breast PumpBest electric breast pump to induce lactation
Best Breast Pumps For Inducing LactationSpectra Baby USA – S1 PlusBest rechargeable breast pump to induce lactation
Best Breast Pumps For Inducing LactationBest portable double electric breast pumpBest portable double electric breast pump to induce lactation

1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced

To induce lactation, you will need a breast pump that will get the job done without any struggles. Electric  pumps will get the job done in minutes and are a great option for moms who like express several times in a day.

best breast pump to induce lactation(Check latest price at Amazon)

Medela Pump in Style is one of the best electric pumps for everyday use designed for moms who would want to express milk several times a day. It comes with a tote bag with integrated AC adaptor, motor unit, battery pack, ice pack, insulated cooler bag, 24mm breast shields, 5-ounce breast milk bottle, tubing, PersonalFit connectors, and instructions manual.

Reasons why its good to induce lactation

  • Comes with a battery pack- enabling you to express anywhere anytime.
  • The 2-Phase Expression technology lets you produce more milk in just a few minutes
  • Comes with a stylish microfiber bag that holds everything when you need to express milk
  • Comes with a removable cooler bag
  • All the parts that touch breastmilk are BPA free

2. Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus

A breast pump capable of inducing lactation should possess these two important features. It should offer the desired strength and performance. Additionally, it should be durable to last you many more years of happy pumping.

best breast pump to induce lactation(See latest price and user reviews)

Thankfully, Spectra Baby, USA S1-Plus packs all that’s needed for an ideal pump capable of inducing lactation in moms seeking to adopt a baby. It offers the performance and the strength of a hospital grade breast pump. It also comes with a rechargeable battery- hence you can bring it anywhere and express anytime.

When this electric pump is fully charged, it can operate continuously for three hours. You will love that Spectra Baby S1 plus weighs only 4 pounds.

The closed system ensures that the tubing is kept dry by preventing air flow between the pump tubing and expressed milk while pumping. This protects the expressed breast milk from bacteria, viruses, and mold while pumping.

Other features:

  • The suction is adjustable in both expression and let-down mode
  • Includes a night light and timer

3. Philips AVENT Double Electric Pump

Every mom wants a breast pump that more comfortable and at the same time affordable. You shouldn’t compromise on the quality if you want to get the best out of your pump. You will need a breast pump that’s not only easy to use but also one that you can easily carry along with you wherever you go.

best breast pump to induce lactation(See latest price on Amazon)

This double electric breast pump will not only save you more time by allowing you to pump simultaneously from both breasts but will also ensure that your baby enjoys the full health benefits of breast milk.

Unlike other pumps that require you to lean forward when pumping, Philips Avent allows you to sit comfortably upright as you express milk. The angled neck allows milk to flow smoothly from breast to bottle.

The Philips Avent has an uncomplicated design with very few parts that are easily assembled. The breast pump comes with a soft massage cushion with five textured petals that help stimulate milk flow.

The Philips Avent double electric breast features a sanitary design that prevents the breast milk from coming into contact with the tubing which could contaminate the breast milk. The nipples, pump, bottles and the massage cushions are all BPA free.


I know that inducing lactation can be a hassle especially if you’ve never done it before. But the above breast pumps will aid you achieve success. Looking for more articles? you can read this article about relactation or get to read about different medical grade pumps you can rent/buy, want to know how power pumping works? read this article

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