Best Breast Pump That Fit Every Mom’s Needs

If you plan on breastfeeding your baby and continue feeding the baby with breastmilk even when you are away running errands you’ll need a breast pump. Choosing the best breast pump can be an overwhelming task but choosing the right breast pump can change your life.

Breast pumping not only helps you keep your baby full even when away but it will help you maintain proper milk supply. With a pump, you’ll be able to build up milk that you can freeze and store if you’re travelling or going to work without your little one.

How to Choose a Breast Pump

While all breast pumps are designed to perform the same function- pumps- they’re not all equal especially when it comes to a mother’s individual needs. There are many factors one should consider from flange style, suction speed before deciding on which is the best pump for your needs.

Below are three types of breast pumps available here in the United States-

Manual breast pump

Just like the name suggests, a manual breast pump lacks a motor. You’ll have to squeeze the pump lever repeated to generate suction needed to express milk. A manual breast pump does not offer the efficiency of an electric pump, but they provide discreet pumping, smaller and cheaper. A manual pump is ideal when used as a backup to an electric breast pump, when travelling or when you don’t need to pump often. You can get a good manual pump with a budget of around $50 or less.

Electric breast pumps

These are the most popular option, and they’re available in two different options: a single electric pump that allows you to pump one breast at a time and a double breast pump that allows pumping both breasts at the same time. Some breast pumps are noisy and don’t offer the discreetness of a manual breast pump.

Hospital grade pumps.

These are the most efficient of the three options. They are expensive but worth every penny due to their efficiency. Since most are expensive, they’re often available for rent. They are designed for use by different mothers, unlike manual or electric pumps which shouldn’t be shared.

Factors to consider before buying a breast pump

I wouldn’t recommend buying a breast pump just because your friend told you it works perfectly for them. Remember each person has different needs and the different pumps you’ll find on the market today are designed to meet different needs. Remember that we all have different bodies, different goals, and your baby needs might be different from your friend’s baby needs.

However, to help you get started, I have compiled some of the factors that you should put into consideration when buying a pump.

Portability: If you plan to go to work in a few weeks’ time after giving birth, I would recommend buying a portable pump so that you can express during short breaks at work. Additionally, if you plan on travelling/ or are a frequent traveller, you should consider buying a pump that’s portable.

Cost: You will want to purchase a pump that’s’ affordable and won’t break the bank. However, the price shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the pump either. However, remember you always get what you pay for- and investing cheaply you might be disappointed in the long run.

Ease of cleaning: Investing your cash in a pump with many parts might give you a nightmare when disassembling, assembling or cleaning. You’ll want to invest in a breast pump that won’t take you forever cleaning.

Suction: This is one of the important factors you should consider when buying a breast pump. Remember the same suction level won’t work for every nursing mom out there because some will need more suction level and others less.

ImageNameBest For Availability
Medela Harmony Breast Pump, Manual Breast PumpBest Manual Breast Pump
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Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast PumpBest Milk Catcher Pump
Check Latest Price on Amazon
Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Best Double Electric Breast Pump
Check Latest Price on Amazon
Spectra Baby USA- S2 Plus premier hospital grade pumpHospital Grade Breast Pump
Check Latest Price on Amazon
Signature Pro by Lansinoh Double Electric Breast PumpBreast Pump for the MoneyCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Medela Swing Single Electric Breast PumpBest Travel Breast Pump
Check Latest Price on Amazon
Baby Step Double Electric Breast PumpBest For Stay at HomeCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast PumpBest Smart App PumpCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast pumpBreast Pump for Working MomsCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Simple Wishes D Lite Hands Free Pumping Bra Breast Pump BraCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands Free and Concealable Breast PumpHands-Free Breast Pump
Check Latest Price on Amazon

Best Manual Breast Pump

best breast pumps for small breast

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If you’re not going to be frequently pumping, a simple manual pump will serve you well. Medela Harmony makes it on the list of the best manual pumps designed for occasional time away from your baby. It’s lightweight, highly portable and ideal for discreet pumping.

It’s small, quiet giving you the convenience every new mom wants. One of the features I love about Medela Harmony is the fact that you can assemble it easily in less than 5 minutes.  You can easily convert the manual breast pump into an electric breast pump thanks to the Symphony conversion kit which you can purchase separately on Amazon. Ideally, it means that you can buy the Medela Harmony and once you get a day job, upgrade it to a manual pump thank to the conversion kit.

You will also love the two modes, an expression mode for regular pumping and a stimulation mode which encourages let down. Once you purchase it on Amazon, inside the package is a breast pump unit, two storage containers, lids, a breastfeeding information guide, an instruction manual and a stand for the pump.

What I love and hate

The Medela Harmony is a manual breast pump, it’s cheap, and affordable, BPA free, and compatible with Medela accessories and pumps. However, if you fancy “breast pumping” or you find it extremely difficult to pump manually, this is not the pump for you.

Best Milk Catcher Pump

Best Breast Pumps For Low Milk Supply

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While I’ve never had firsthand experience using the Haakaa Breast pumps, I’ve seen moms in forums and Facebook group swear by it. I’ve encountered more than 20 forum moms claiming that Haakaa manual breast pump helped them express more milk than with any other pump.

However, is that true?

To answer that question, I gathered information and asked some of my friends who’ve used the breast pump before and compiled the following review.

During my two day research, I discovered the following-

Haakaa manual pump is a once piece breast pump; it’s easy to clean- a reason why moms love it. As a stay at home mother, I understand how busy life can be- I’ve been there, and I know it- especially if you got other kids to take care of. One chore leads to another, and I know you don’t want to spend the rest of your day trying to figure out where to start or how to clean your breast pump.

With more chores waiting, you will want a pump that’s easy to maintain, one which expresses milk within the shortest time, and one with no complicated settings. You’ll find all these features in a Haakaa pump.

What my friends love and hate:

I paid a visit to my friend Caroline living in the Bay area and here is what she had to say about this pump. “Haakaa is a simple and easy to use pump. It compact- I can pump at home or stash it in my purse when I’m on the road.”

What she didn’t like?

“I find the ounce marking somehow deceiving,” she said. “Sometimes shows 3 ounces but upon transfer, I only get 2 ounces of milk.”  She added.

Another complaint is that- the pump can easily tumble down because of its narrow base.

Are there any quick fixes?

Upon further research, I discovered that you could quickly fix these two problems.

First, you’ll need to purchase the newer version of the manual pump with a 5-ounce capacity and a wide suction base.

Secondly, you can buy Haakaa flower stopper to cover the unit if you don’t plan to transfer milk immediately after pumping.

Best Double Electric Breast Pump

Best Breast Pumps For Stay At Home Moms

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If you need to express more milk within the shortest time, you’re probably going to need the best electric breast pump. If you’re a working mom with an 8-5 job, you’ll need an electric breast pump to express milk within the 10-15 breaks at work. Some of the benefits of an electric pump is that it saves time, gives extra milk injection, produces more milk with higher energy content.

On our list of the best electric breast pump is Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump explicitly designed for moms who need to express milk a couple of time in a day and the two-phase expression technology gives more milk within the shortest time. The in-built pump ensures you have discreet pumping and all the parts that come in contact with breast milk are BPA free.

Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Breast Pumps for the Money Reviews

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Spectra Baby USA- S2 Plus premier hospital grade pump is designed to fit the needs of mothers who want an effective and powerful pump to support their milk supply. Like any other Spectra pump- the S2 premiere is a closed system- there’s a physical barrier between the pump and the milk to ensure hygiene and maintain motor performance. The pump boasts 250mmHg maximum suction strength and can be used as a single or double breast pump.

It includes a night light and a timer- so pumping at night will be a breeze.

Breast Pump for the Money

Best Breast Pumps For The Money

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As a new parent, the budget might be the one thing to restrict you getting the best for your baby. However, if you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing for your little one. One of the most affordable breast pumps.

Signature Pro by Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump won’t break the bank but will guarantee you years of pumping. It’s a closed system pump, and breast milk doesn’t flow back the tubing- this helps prevent the growth of bacteria and mould which could pose a serious health problem to your baby.

Best Travel Breast Pump

Best Breast Pump For Small Breasts

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If you’re a breastfeeding mom planning on a vacation with your baby, you’ll need the best breast pump for travel to ensure that your baby’s feeding needs are taken care of.

Most lactation consultants will recommend electric breast pumps due to the efficiency and the ease to draw out milk. One of mom’s travel-friendly companion breast pumps is Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump, and it pumps more milk in a short time thanks to its two-phase expression technology.

It is designed for mothers who want to use a breast pump on a daily basis, and it’s also ideal for busy moms, active moms and those who want to go shopping or an evening date. It’s easy to clean and assemble, and the best part is that you

Best For Stay at Home

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If you’re a stay at home mom and wants an electric pump that gets the work done within the shortest time possible, Baby Step Double Electric Breast Pump is the right choice for you. You will love the two-phase expression modes capable of mimicking your baby’s natural suckling. Each expression mode can be adjusted up to 9 different suction modes giving your comfort and efficient pumping.

The anti-backflow protection prevents milk from flowing back and separates the milk and air hence maximizing the pump performance.

The pump only weighs 0.9 pounds hence making it the perfect stay at home moms who love travelling.

Once you purchase on Amazon, inside the package is:

  • 2*disposable nursing pads
  • 2*milk bottles with teats and lids
  • User manual (English)
  • 2*bottle adapters
  • 6 Volt AC / DC adapter (100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz)
  • 2*milk bottles with teats and lids
  • Double electronic pumping kit, with 24mm breast shields

What I love and hate:

The BabySteps electric pump is small in size, discreet and readily affordable. I found that some of the users complaining that the pump has too many components. This can be time-consuming when it comes to disassembling, cleaning and sterilizing.

Best Smart App Pump

best breast pump

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If you’re a stay at home mom or working mom looking for an affordable electric breast pumping that connects to a smartphone app for seamless pumping session tracking, then Lansinoh Smartpump is the ideal pump for you.

You’ll appreciate the two-phase technology (expression and letdown phases), its discreet and connects to Lansing Baby app for tracking off feeding, pumping, and baby growth.

What moms love and hate:

You can easily synchronize the pump with a smartphone app and keep track of your pumping history and trends. The pump also tracks the date, time and the duration of each pumping session.

The smartphone app comes with an extra information resource, pumping reminders, tracking for bottle feeding, diapers and breastfeeding, encouragement and much more.

Despite the all the positives above, from my research, I found some users complaining that the pump doesn’t come with a stand where moms can place the bottles, and it’s also loud.

Breast Pump for Working Moms

Best Breast Pumps For Stay At Home Moms

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 One of the best pumps that have been favourites among working moms is the Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast pump. It’s an all in one package that includes an inbuilt freezer to keep the milk fresh until you can get to a refrigerator or freezer.

To accommodate mom’s different breast sizes, the pump features four different breast shields. The pump is quiet and ideal for the discreet pump.

Breast Pump Bra

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Are you fascinated by the idea of hands-free pumping but at the same time don’t want to spend your cash on a new pump? Here is the solution for you- the best breast pump bra will serve you well.

Simple Wishes D Lite Hands Free Pumping Bra gives the convenience to moms when they’re pumping milk giving them the freedom to perform other tasks. The pumping bra is equipped with an adjustable band to ensure that it perfectly fits your breasts during your entire nursing period.


Hands-Free Breast Pump

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 Pumping can make you feel like you’re chained to your breast pump. However, what if I told you there was a way out of this “mess”?

Hands-free breast pumps will give you the freedom to use both hands or even pump milk with your blouse on. You only need to slide the pump’s cup under your bra and let the pump do its thing.

Freemie Freedom Breast pump is the only pump that will allow you to pump with your shirt on.

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