Best Baby Toys That Light Up

Best Baby Toys That Light Up 2019 Reviews

When your child is still young, the best toy that you will purchase is often simple such as soft cuddly toy or comforter. As soon as they grow and vision develops, their focus becomes more. Investing in stimulating toy will be a perfect idea. Any toy that has flashing lights that you can activate is always a winner. Go for best baby toys that light up and have simple pushable levers and buttons. These features will assist to teach your baby about the effect and a cause.

Currently, baby toys` stores provide millions of items. Choosing the best baby toys that light up can be challenging. Unless you want to turn your house into a baby toy store, you require the best criteria to assist narrow down your ideas. Related: The Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel

Choosing the best baby toys that light up


Your child will derive most fun out of a toy only if she can know how to use it. Select a toy that appropriates to the age of your child. A toy should be able to improve and stimulate developing skills in a baby.


Although many designers take safety into account, you should examine it keenly. One-year-old babies will kick, drop, bang, bite, pull, suck and many more. To fulfill these actions, you require a toy that is long lasting. To avoid choking issue, avoid toys that are small about less than two inches in width. For chewing purpose, go for those that are completed with non-toxic components.


Choose the best baby toys that light up and the same time offer distinct colors, sound, and shapes. Taking variety as an option; you will be exposing your baby to multiple possibilities outside world offer has to provide.


Overall, the simpler the baby toy, the more it will last. Simple baby`s toys have few parts and long lasting than complicated baby toys. Simple toys also offer the best versatility.


Best baby toys that light up reviews

ImageNameBest For:
Best baby toys that light up Bright Stars Lights and Sound Fan PadBuy it on Amazon
Best baby toys that light up Fisher-Price Groove and Glow BeatBoBuy it on Amazon
Best baby toys that light up Taf Toys 3-in-1 Musical Boat Cot Toy and SootherBuy it on Amazon
Best baby toys that light up Lamaze Shine and Sound ShellyBuy it on Amazon
Best baby toys that light up Vtech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights BallBuy it on Amazon

1. Bright Stars Lights and Sound Fan Pad

Best baby toys that light up(Check latest price on Amazon)

It is an interactive bay toy that will keep your baby entertained for a long time. It features a lot of elements the designers infused the pad with many engaging and bright features. It will offer laughter and smiles to your growing baby.  It is a great bonus for you due to its affordability and exceptional quality value.

It is the best baby toys that light up and comes with various colors, shapes, numbers, and animals. It comes with a soft and large button. The fabric screen is simple for little fingers to press. It has a slider switch that a baby can use to activate more than five colorful lights and sound. The lights flick across the flat screen offering your baby the best visual stimulation. It also keeps your baby amused all the time.

2. Fisher-Price Groove and Glow BeatBo

Best baby toys that light up (See user reviews and price)

The toy is an essential step to introduce your baby to various melodies and colors. With only a press in his tummy, the lights pop up and go well with the music. The toy is also soft, and cuddly. It is little enough to pack while traveling. The baby-friendly nature makes it an outstanding baby toy that keeps your kid entertained for long hours.

The light and five different tunes will improve eye coordination and motor skills. The bright colors, lights, and melodies will enhance the developing senses. It is made from plush fabrics. The feet, head, antenna, and arms of the toys are best for snuggling.  A bay can hug and take it anywhere because it is light. With this toy, a baby will realize that their action makes exciting things happen.


3. Taf Toys 3-in-1 Musical Boat Cot Toy and Soother

best baby toys that light up (Buy now on Amazon)

An innovative toy was used initially for night time. In early weeks, it is the best trainer for the tummy. It will encourage a child to get mobile easily. There is relaxing and entertaining music for night-time. The upbeat tunes are the best during the daytime. The bright colors, soothing lights, and sound provide an excellent soothing nature.

The manufactures designed for you to use in three stages: newborn, 3-6 months and more than six months.  The original toy will assist you sooth a baby during naptime and entertained during playing time while helping your kid to improve the development skills. You can use two different modes, Sooth or Engage. Engage time provides you with two interesting melodies. Soothing time will offer you three distinct calming songs. You can comfortably choose the two modes using a control panel that is right the top of the toy.

4. Lamaze Shine and Sound Shelly

best baby toys that light up (See it on Amazon)

The toy has the large mirror to foster your child`s curiosity. It shows various images when a child presses. They are two types of music: fun and lullaby melodies. The toy`s shell will always glow basing on either night or daytime mode. It has a soft fabric that your kid can chew and explore various ribbons. This ribbon will increase lots of fun because many babies like chewing.

Your baby will discover and explore several features and textures of this toy. It is shatterproof and offers maximum safety for your kid. A baby can press, and it turns a plain mirror into a magical event. Different characters will appear, and upbeat tunes keep your child engaged. At night, you can also choose soothing lullabies with a slow pace. Around the edges, there is a soft fabric which a child can chew. It is ideal for babies of any age and this what makes it among the best baby toys that light up is that.

5. Vtech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball

best baby toys that light up(See user reviews on Amazon)

The original baby toy comes with a motor that rolls around so your child can crawl after it. It improves language and visual skills of the baby. There are many buttons to discover.

It displays various melodies and sounds when a baby presses. The spinning lights and soft ribbon will keep your child fascinated. It is suitable for babies within three months and six months. The circle lights up attract baby`s attention. The animal`s sounds, shapes, and basic numbers make it a fun toy as well the best educational material.

Final thoughts on best baby toys that light up:

If your baby loves toys that light up, I would recommend any of the above toys. I bought some for my second born Lucie and she indeed loved them. Additionally, if your baby is learning to stand this article contains useful information about such toys. Additionally,  read this article to learn how to clean your baby toys naturally and this one to help you pick the best toys to help your kid walk.

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