Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel

The Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel

As a parent entertaining your baby when traveling is a full-time job. The best baby toys for airplane travel are not essentials but a necessity. Many people are usually carried away by various unnecessarily stuff. Finding the best baby toys for airplane travel is challenging. You require toys that are small but also not too small; you need soft cuddly toys and excellent interactive toys.

You also want toys that make noise and those that do not make. Additionally, you require toys that your baby is familiar with and toys that are exciting and new. Moreover, you need toys that are suitable in various destinations such as airport, plane, hotel, car, in the streets and are easy to clean See how you can clean baby toys naturally. When it comes choosing the best travel toys for babies, variety is fundamental. You need to have multiple options at your disposal to keep your child occupied while in the air.

Choosing the best baby toys for airplane travel

  • Age

Most baby toys have labels showing exact appropriate age for a baby. More often, they overlap while people are choosing toys. Children under the age of three are sensitive; it is essential to follow instructions from the package. Some toys can pose a danger to young babies.

•    Child`s interests

Before choosing the best baby toys for airplane travel, you should know the interests of your kid. Many babies show interests at a very young age. Some children love animals, other love specific cartoon and others have a particular curiosity about music. Choosing toys that are within a child`s interests is a safe bet while traveling on air.

•    Open-ended

These are toys that can be used in multiple ways depending on your child, imagination, day and desire. Toys should be entertaining as well as foster imagination and creativity.

Best baby toys for airplane travel reviews

1. Baby Einstein Musical Toy

Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel(Check latest price on Amazon)

Baby Einstein Musical Toy is one of travel toys for toddlers on airplanes. It offers music appreciation and various auditory developments. It comes with child-friendly tunes of sleek masterpieces from Chopin, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Rossini. It also has its own Baby Einstein along themes. It is simple to use. It has a large button and easy to press. This toy allows your kid to toggles through new melodies.

It has a similar version of the MP3 player with exciting and colorful lights. The lights rotate around the big screen making the tune entertaining at the same time promoting visual abilities. Do not worry about the noise because it is less than the surrounding noise. It is suitable for babies around three years. It comes with volume control.

Two batteries drive the lights and melodies. It is light and ideal for both boys and girls. It is made from polypropylene thus durable. Handle this toy with care. Do not put in water. Wipe it with wet and clean cloth dip in mild soap.

2. Teething Blankie

Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel (Check latest price on Amazon)

Babies like biting, chewing and munching on their toys. A bay will put anything on his/her mouth. The Teether Blankie is a fun and interactive toy. It kept your baby busy and entertained while traveling. It comes with bright colors, multiple textures and fun characters that will foster your child`s imagination. It is a multipurpose toy because a child can use while playing, teething and when they are asleep.

The chewy and soft textures offer children with multiple experiences. The toys come with a blanket loop for easy transport. It is convenient because there are no worries of falling or slipping. A bay can crawl, lie with or sit with it all within reach of mouth and hand. It is simple for babies to manipulate. It is durable because of the highly reinforced fabric.

3. 12 Zoo Animal Finger Puppets

Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel(See it on Amazon)

Playing with finger puppet is not only fun while on air but also promote child development. It improves the whole load of physical, social, cognitive and emotional benefits for children. It features many zoo animals. The toy is of high quality. The babies can wear them on their fingers at the pop-up fairy tales.

It holds the fingers firmly. It is entertaining and easy to use. You can use it while a child is about to sleep. It comprises 12 pieces of different colors with multiple designs and lots of entertainment with an imaginative parent.

4. Buckle Whale Toy

Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel(Check latest price and user reviews)

A child will spend most of his/her time trying to buckle and unbuckle the seat belt.  The soft plush is unique with different colors. It will appeal to any child fantasy due to buckles. A baby will learn to snap and click. In that case, they will develop and foster eye, hand coordination, and motor skills. They will learn solving problems and recognize different colors. The body is decorated with fun number and shapes that will entertain a child for long hours. The easy to slide zipper with a pocket has various hidden treasures.

The counting will improve mathematics skills. The snapping, zipping up and naming multiple shapes are learning material while on the go. It is its convenience that makes Buckle Whale Toy the best baby toys for airplane travel. You can put it in your luggage bag, diaper bag, shopping bag or anything of the sort. It is light and easy to hold. It comes in 6 buckles with multiple clasp designs. The colors will catch the attention of your child making your travel exciting and short.

5. Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set

Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel (See why I recommend it)

Suction cup baby toys are so much exciting on airplanes. It has small toys that a child can stick on to a window. Children like sticking them together as they pop them apart. The small size of the toy makes them portable. They are flexible and suck children into their creativity. It offers maximum sensory stimulation and relaxation. It can stick comfortably to a flat and smooth surface.

A child can assemble them into robots, cars, jewelry and many more. It comes in 24 pieces and eight different colors and shapes. It has a transparent plastic bin for easy storage. It is suitable for babies for more than three years. It is durable because of quality silicone rubber.


If you’re thinking of taking your baby along with you when traveling ensure that you keep him entertained with toys that are best suited for travel. Not every toy will be a good travel companion- so choose wisely. You can also read this article on toys to help your baby learn to walk or this article on toys to help your baby stand or this article on toys that light up. If you’ve got any questions or comments, please let me know in the comment section down below.


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