Best Ski Helmet for Toddler

Best Ski Helmet for Toddler

When it comes to choosing the best ski helmet for toddler, the safety of your child is the primary key. If you are planning to ski with your kids, you may be asking yourself- which helmet is the best?  The following considerations will help:

What to consider before buying the best ski helmet for toddler


Finding the best ski helmets for toddler should be through. Security should be the first consideration regardless of any activity. Keeping that little head safe requires ski helmets that have safety mechanisms and optimal build. All helmets in the market will do its work but with a sturdy material will protect a toddler’s head.

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Apart from safety, size is another thing you should consider. Toddler’s helmets come in various sizes. There are sizing chart on helmet packaging description. Before you purchase any ski helmet ensure that it fit well the head circumference. You can use a tape measure to ascertain the same.


More often it is warm or sunny around the slopes. Purchase a helmet that has perfect cooling airflow. There is the sliding mechanism that you can adjust or close the air vent while wearing gloves. Adjustable ski helmet will make a kid ski in all ranges of temperature. The following are the best ski helmet for toddler:

Ski Helmets for Toddlers Comparison Chart

Image NameAvailability
Giro LAUNCH Childrens Snowboard Ski HelmetBuy it on Amazon
K2 Entity Ski Helmet Buy it on Amazon
Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet Buy it on Amazon
Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Alpine Doodlebug Ski Snowboard Sport Helmet Buy it on Amazon
Anon Youth Rime Helmet Buy it on Amazon
Salomon Grom Helmet - Kids' Buy it on Amazon
Giro Junior Nine.10 Snow Helmet Buy it on Amazon

Best Ski Helmet for Toddler Reviews

1. Giro Launch

Best Ski Helmet for Toddler 

Giro Launch has been dominating the market over years because it is highly rated among many users. It is a lightweight helmet that comes in different sizes and colors. It will definitely complete the personality of your child. It utilizes the in-mold construction. The inner layer has soft foam that assists for absorption. Polycarbonate shell offer durable protection while skiing. The helmet is adjustable to fit well with goggles as well as giving the best peripheral view. It also has a vent to provide ventilation. With all the features, it is also affordable.

2. K2 Entity

Best Ski Helmet for Toddler 

Luckily, it is a multipurpose helmet for both skiing and riding. It is versatile and best ski helmet for a toddler. The outer shell is made from polycarbonate to increase its lifespan. The EPS lining gives it lightweight protection points. You can remove the coating and wash it using a machine. The ventilation system is crisp and fresh. It has clips to retain goggles and makes sure that it stays in place at all slopes.

The best feature about this helmet is its dial fit system. You can easily adjust the size of the helmet for optimal usage. It keeps away worries of wasting money buying another helmet as your kid grows.

3. Smith Zoom Jr.

Best Ski Helmet for Toddler 

Smith Zoom Jr. is a favorite helmet in the market. It provides budget-friendly and reviewed options. It utilizes in-mold technology. The linings are made from EPS while inner shell is made from polycarbonate to offer lightweight and reliable protection. It has climate and ventilation control. The feature helps in removing and cooling outside air. The stickiness of sweats is not an issue thus giving more reason for your kid to wear it for a long time. It comes with a goggle lock feature to ensure that goggles are firm while getting ventilation from the helmet. It makes glasses to provide the best visibility and least fogging. You can choose a multitude of colors from this helmet.

4. Lucky Bums Doodlebug

Best Ski Helmet for Toddler

This helmet weighs less than a pound and gives you a chance to choose from a variety of colors. It comes with all preferences and styles. It is a multipurpose helmet that offers comfort and safety for young kids. It is suitable and secure for toddlers who are new in skiing due to its lightweight. It has a dial located system thus you can adjust it into all sizes. The chin strap offers comfort and all-around fit. For durability, it has an EPS liner in the inner layer. Although it is expensive, the helmet is eye-catching and the best ski helmet for the toddler.

5. Anon Rime

Best Ski Helmet for Toddler

Anon Rime is affordable, and previous clients have highly reviewed it.  Many people know Anon Rime because of its durability. It is suitable for tumble and rough kids because it can protect all them from all troubles. The layers are made of two pieces of EbduraShell Burton and ABS polycarbonates for extra safety and excellent strength. It is straightforward to adjust to various options; to remove ear pads and liners for fit and comfort. You can also wash them to enhance its longevity. It is a huge plus because it is compatible with goggles. For more secure design, it comes with two features StrapStash and snug fit. It has in-built ventilation systems, so cooling of air is not a problem.

6. Salomom Kiana

Best Ski Helmet for Toddler 

In the world of skiing, Salomon remains the leading producer of the best ski helmets for a toddler. The design of this helmet is to offer comfort and safety. It also utilizes the lasts technology. It has ear pads that give your kid extra warmth during cold days. You can as well remove them for close fitting of headwear. The ventilation, unlike other helmets, uses an airflow concept. It brings in the fresh air and circulates and removes condensed air due to perspirations. It also has a custom dial that enables you to modify to any size. The foam lining and goggle compatible make Salomon Kiana a reasonable helmet for your child.

7. Giro Nine 10 Jr.

Best Ski Helmet for Toddler 

Nine 10 Jr. is another helmet from Giro. It utilizes in-mold construction. It has dominated the market for the last four years. It is the durable and reliable helmet for kids. Its inner layer is made of polycarbonate which gives its safety and thermal regulation. It has vents that help in circulation of air. However, you can seal the vents during cold days. It comes with dial system and adjustable straps making it easy to modify to any size. With the best comfort and protection design, this helmet makes it to the list of the best ski helmet for toddler.

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