Best Stroller Fans for Disney in 2019 Reviews

If you are thinking of going to Walt Disney during the summer or spring or fall break, you got to be prepared with the best stroller fan because it’s going to get hot! Even with your baby relaxing in a buggy while being pushed around, they will likely feel the heat fast and one of the best ways to help them cool down in those high temperatures is by buying the best fan.

Babies are prone to hot summer temperatures. Infants and newborns do not have the ability of regulating their body temperatures as adults. Worst of all, toddlers are heat intolerant in most cases.

Even though most manufacturers design their strollers to offer maximum protection to the little ones, they can at times become hot places for the little ones. It is true that baby buggy canopies offer shade to the little ones, but imagine how you would feel under a tiny tent on a sunny day to understand how you baby feels under the bassinet canopy.

To help your baby cool down while on your trip to Disney, the best way you can help the baby is equipping his/her stroller with a fan. This inexpensive accessory will improve the wellbeing of your baby while at the same time reduce the dangers associated to overheating.

To make it easy for you to choose the best fan for Disney, our experts tested and reviewed the most popular gadgets on the market.

Where to use a stroller fan for your Disney Trip

best stroller fan for disney

The main reason as to why you would buy the best bassinet fan is to keep your baby cool during those strolls in the hot summer months. It’s obvious that you will buy a fan and attach it to the baby stroller. But did you know that stroller fans have more uses than you might think?

Let’s have a glimpse of the other few uses of fans.

A fan can also keep your little one cool when commuting during the hot summer days. You can simply attach it to the car seat. (Check out Our Reviews of the best car seats). This can be a good alternative to a car air conditioner, especially if you need to minimize the expenses of your car. It will have no influence on your car fuel consumption or performance but at the same time will help you baby feel comfortable during the ride.

best stroller fan

It can also be used to keep your baby nursery fully ventilated during the hot months especially if you don’t have an air conditioning system installed in your house. You can attach it next to the baby crib to give the comfort your baby needs. (Check out our review of best toddler bed).

You can use it can also be used when camping. Since stroller fans are small and portable, you can easily carry it around for any outdoor activities. You can easily attach it to your tent during those hot days and nights and enjoy the cool breeze while keeping the insects away.

One thing to note is that, it is important to get a fan for toddlers and young babies. Good ventilation will not only keep your child comfortable but it will also get rid of other hazards such as risk of SIDS.  Remember if your child is crying a lot during the summer strolls, he might not be hungry or sleepy but it’s likely that he is uncomfortable with the summer heat.

Best Stroller Fans for Disney in 2018 Reviews

How to Choose the best Stroller Fan for Disney

You might be thinking that choosing the best stroller fan for your baby stroller is an easy process, but the truth- it’s not. There are few factors you should consider before making the final decision on which item to buy. Below is a buyer guide that should aid you in choosing the best fan for your Disney trip.

Weight: since you will have to attach the stroller fan to the bassinet handle or canopy, the stroller fan weight is very crucial. The fan should be as light as possible.

Noise Level: in most cases parents tend to overlook the noise level- which is wrong. You should go for a fan that is as quiet as possible to avoid waking your baby when asleep.

best stroller fan for disney

Operating Mode: before you buy a stroller fan, it is important to check if it works on batteries or if the stroller fan can be recharge via USB.

Dimensions: you should go for the most compact stroller fan for easy storage when not in use. It should easily fit into the diaper bag or any other small carrier bags.

Fan Case: it is important to check on this. You see, many stroller fans on the market today have slotted cases. Babies and toddlers can easily push their little fingers through the spaces which could leave them with serious injuries, especially if the blades are made of metal or hard plastic. Therefore it is important to choose a stroller fan which has its blades perfectly enclosed.

Fan Blades: the type of blades in a stroller fan affects the amount of breeze your child will be getting. While some manufacturers use foam blades which are safer for children, many consumers often complain about the foam fans not giving sufficient breeze. The best alternative is buying a stroller fan with hard metal or plastic fan that is securely enclosed.

Best Stroller Fans for Disney Comparison Chart

Image NameFeatures
best stroller fan for disneyDizaul Portable Stroller FanLightweight and grows with your baby. Can be used even when the baby crawls out of the stroller
best stroller fan for disneyElechomes EH101 Rechargeable Stroller FanAbility to adjust airflow angle and wind speed.
360 degrees vertical rotation
best stroller fan for disneyDreambaby Stroller FanBest Baby Friendly Stroller Fan For Disney.
Recommended for babies or toddlers who love to stick their fingers in the funny looking blades.

Best Stroller Fans for Disney Reviews

1. Dizaul Portable Stroller Fan

best stroller fan for disney

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Designed for dozens of other purposes, the Dizaul Portable Fan is not your ordinary stroller fan, but the best stroller fan that can be used for a very long time even when your baby crawls out of the stroller.

The stroller fan is lightweight (vital requirement for any stroller fan) and comes with a Samsung Lithium-Ion battery that you can easily recharge via USB plug. You can easily attach it to the stroller canopy thanks to the strong carabiner.

It is compact, measuring only 4-inch long and the fans are enclosed in a case to ensure that your baby is safe from the rotating blades. The best part – it comes in five different colors you can choose from, you can also use the stroller fan as a portable recharge or a flashlight.

Features of Dizaul Stroller Fan

  • LED indicators: that will let you know when the stroller fan batteries are recharging, when fully recharged or the speed of the fan.
  • 3 Fan Speeds: depending on your child needs, this stroller fan feature three fan speeds- so you can chose the most appropriate from the three choices
  • Power Bank: in addition to providing cool breeze in summer days, this product is also a portable power bank. Therefore you can easily recharge your camera, phone or any other devices on the go.
  • Replaceable Battery: therefore you will never have to worry about running of battery or a broken battery. The rechargeable battery can easily be replaced.

2. Elechomes EH101 Rechargeable Stroller Fan

best stroller fan for disney

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Manufactured by Elechomes, this stroller fan can be easily attached to a baby with the clip or you can put it on the table or shelf facing the direction of the baby crib- its important to maintain a good distance between the stroller fan and the baby crib.

What you will love most about this product is the ability to adjust both the airflow angle and the wind speed. It is powered by a 2200mAh rechargeable battery and thus capable of providing up to 6 hours of continuous cool breeze. It can be easily recharged from a USB cable from a computer or a laptop or alternatively you can replace the battery with a charged one.


  • Strong design: One of the best fan for Disney world, this fan boasts a compact enclosed design. The stroller fan is strong and the clamps are capable of holding the fan in place even when strolling on rough terrains.
  • 360ᶱ vertical rotation: both the bracket and the fan can be rotated at 360 degrees, thus you giving you the capability of adjusting airflow direction.
  • Fast charging: when the fan is not in use, the fan can recharge in about 30 minutes. An LED indicator will alert you when the battery is charged fully.
  • Operates while charging: the best part is that you can use this fan while it’s still charging.

3. Dreambaby Stroller Fan

best stroller fan for disney

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What makes Dreambaby fan one of the best fans for Disney or hot for use on your baby buggy during hot days is the fact that its baby-friendly thus recommended for babies or toddlers who love to stick their fingers in the funny looking blades.

You’ll want a product that won’t harm your baby especially if they like sticking their fingers everywhere. Additionally what makes it good is how easily it attaches to most buggy even umbrella stroller. The soft foam fins are fantastic and provide a cool breeze to your little one especially during summer days.

It will also be a source of entertainment for your little one thanks to bright colors.

This product is lightweight, durable and also safe enough. It can also be used in your baby’s car seat without the fear of hurting your little one- it’s one of the best fans for toddler car seat.

Best Double Strollers for Disney

Now that you’ve decided to take your children to have fun, you will probably need the best double stroller for Disney. You will probably need the best double carriages especially if you have two little ones you want to take along. Our experts at Babyers researched and tested some of the best double strollers for toddlers you can carry along on your trip to Disney.

ImageNameBest For
best stroller fan for disneyDelta Children LX Side by Side StrollerBest cheap double stroller for Disney
best stroller fan for disneyJoovy Scooter X2 Double StrollerBest Compact Double Stroller for Disney

1. Delta Children LX Side by Side buggy

best stroller fan for disney

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If you genuinely need a good double stroller for Disney, Delta Children Lx double stroller is an excellent choice for you. Delta was established with a mindset of making high quality, safe and affordable crib for every family.

Today the company has become one of the leading manufacturers of juvenile products, trusted by millions of parents worldwide. What makes Delta Children LX side by side stroller ideal for Disney is the fact that it’s loaded with great features that make traveling with your two toddlers easier than ever.

This double stroller will protect your little passengers from the scorching summer sun, wind or even rain thanks to its large canopy. Additionally, it reclines for comfort and folds to compact for easy storage in your car’s trunk.

Key Features:

  • JPMA Certified- this ensures that it meets and exceeds all the set standards and conforms with the CPSC standards
  • Comes with a 5 point harness with soft pads to keep the little passengers down there safely secured.
  • It’s lightweight- you can easily carry it around
  • The compact umbrella folds for easy travel and storage.
  • Cup holders

2. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

best stroller fan for disney

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Want the best double buggy that can fit seamlessly through each door? Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is the stroller for you. This Joovy side by side double baby carriage is compact, lightweight and narrow such that it will allow you to stroll through narrow doorways with ease.

No more folding strollers to get through a doorway. What makes it qualify in our list of the best double stroller for Disney are the large wheels (rear wheels measure 9.5 inches and front 7 inches) which make it maneuver in tight spots comfortably. This double stroller measures 30 inches wide hence no need to fold it when getting inside a door.

Additionally, the side by side buggy wheels have sealed bearings, so pushing two toddlers totaling 80 pounds is much easier than you could imagine. Despite being a double baby buggy, folding it takes seconds. Each seat reclines independently and has its own 5 point harness and seat mesh pocket.

Final Thoughts on Best Stroller Fans for Disney

I know that you’re excited on your upcoming Disney trip. I would recommend the above fans to keep your little one cool in their stroller. Looking for more travel companions? You can read my latest article on different toys for airplane travels, here are some breast pumps for travel, you can also check out these strollers ideal for plane travel or road trip.

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