5 Best Baby Monitor With Multiple Cameras in 2019

5 Best Baby Monitor With Multiple Cameras in 2019

I know that as a parent with two kids, you will need the best baby monitor with multiple cameras in order to monitor the activities of your adorable babies. Many parents consider it best when a child sleeps alone in a room with a quiet environment without any distractions, interference, and disturbance. The parents will enjoy relaxing or sleeping without waking up a child. However, it is an excellent idea when you monitor your baby for safety and other habits such as breathing and movement. ( I used this baby monitor for my first born Alice)

One of the best ways is to monitor your two kids is using a video monitor with dual cameras. Baby monitors with dual cameras in various shapes, size, and colors. The following will guide you chose the best baby monitor with multiple cameras. You can also read my article about the Best Video Baby Monitor with Longest Range.

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How to choose the best baby monitor with multiple cameras


All baby monitor with more than one camera are wireless. The range varies depending on the manufacturer. The range of a baby monitor is very important especially for big families living in large homes or busy with other duties in other rooms far from their babies’ rooms. While standard monitor or analog baby monitors will be ideal monitoring small houses, you will need a digital baby monitor with multiple cameras your baby regularly craws out of his room.


The frequency of the signal is what determines the range of the monitor and the higher the frequency, the better the range. Ensure that you buy the best baby monitor with multiple cameras and capable of streaming baby activities for the longest range.

Image NameAvailability
DBPower Video Baby MonitorBuy it on Amazon
Summer Infant Wide View Duo Video Baby MonitorBuy it on Amazon
Infant Optics DRX-8Buy it on Amazon
VTech VM343-2 Video Baby MonitorBuy it on Amazon
The Motorola Video Baby Monitor MBP 36s-2Buy it on Amazon

 Best baby monitor with multiple cameras reviews

1. DBPower Video Baby Monitor

best baby monitor with multiple cameras (Check Latest Price on Amazon)

The baby monitor is shipped with only one camera but can the support up to 4 cameras. It is a wireless video baby monitor with a display screen of 4.3” and a resolution of as high as 640×480.

It has some other great features like automatic night vision whereby when night comes, the cameras automatically switch into night vision mode providing visibility of up to 15 feet in total darkness.

Another great feature that comes with DBPower Video Baby Monitor is the advanced alert system with adjustable audible and visual alerts for out of range, low battery, when the baby is crying and temperature. With the advanced alert system, parents can use baby’s sleeping time to perform other household chores like clean up, laundry, relax or even have a peace of mind to focus on other things.

It is equipped with the two-way communication system that allows the parents not only to talk with the young one but also to hear what is going on around the baby.

2. Summer Infant Wide View Duo Video Baby Monitor

Best baby monitor with multiple cameras(See more photos and user reviews)

The video monitor is shipped with a 5” screen one of the largest screen sizes in 2018. It uses a wide angle lens that on many occasions will not necessitate the need to have an incline or rotate function. It has a digital zoom which together with the wide angle lens gives the parent a closer view of the baby.

Parents have remote control of the night light enabling them to turn it on and off remotely whenever they feel appropriate.

It has a 5” high resolution black and white LCD for night vision and comes with a rechargeable battery. Some of the significant disadvantages of this monitor are the inability to connect remotely through a smartphone or even over a computer as it does not use Wi-Fi. Another drawback is that it is not fitted with a temperature sensor to detect the temperature at the baby’s surrounding.

3. Infant Optics DRX-8

best baby monitor with multiple cameras

(See why I recommend it here)

Parents mostly love this type of baby monitor with twins or those with babies of the same age. It comes with lenses that are interchangeable a technology that is increasingly gaining acceptance and used in smartphones. The monitor has some useful features that help parents save battery at the same time guaranteeing that it stays on always.

The battery life is a good 6 hours on video and can go up to 10 hours on power saving mode. Some other features like the zoom lens are great for newborn babies who like to sleep more while features like a wide angle lens are great for babies who are just starting to walk. Another great feature is the two-way communication system installed in it. With the two-way communication toolkit, the parent can speak to the baby and reassure the baby that is not left alone.

4. VTech VM343-2 Video Baby Monitor

best baby monitor with multiple cameras

(Buy it now on Amazon)

This baby monitor supports up to 4 cameras. Its display supports both auto scan and Split screen. During Split mode when noise is sensed on one of the screens, you receive only an alert on your screen, but audio is disabled while in auto scan both sound and video are enabled. When it comes to the range, one should not worry as the system is fitted with a long range of 1000 feet for secure audio-video transmission.

Some of its other great features are like automatic screen deactivation whereby if sound activation is on, to save battery the screen will go dark within 50 seconds. It comes with a rechargeable battery, but this feature makes the battery last longer between the charging intervals. However, one disadvantage with this monitor is that it does not support WI-FI. Hence the system cannot be accessed remotely.

5.The Motorola Video Baby Monitor MBP 36s-2

Best baby monitor with multiple cameras (Check today deals on Amazon)

It is a two camera system that you can upgrade to 4 cameras. It is simple to use and has 600 feet range. The night vision feature is perfect. If you are monitoring your babies in more than one room, you can make it one as bigger display along with others as the image display.

The system can zoom, tilt and pan camera. (Check out these features here) You do not have to place the camera on a wall because they are portable. It is the best monitor with multiple cameras because it has a temperature index which a great feature for many parents. The power cable is long, and you can charge it from afar outlet. The device is not wireless; good news for you if you are concerned about the security of Wi-Fi monitors.

Baby monitor buying guide: What to consider?


I hope you enjoyed my review of the video monitors with multiple camera. So if you’ve got twins or two or more babies you’d like to keep an eye on when away from their rooms, I would recommend either of the above monitors.

If you’ve got any questions, suggestions or comments, please let me know in the comment section down below.

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