Baby Vital Monitors

Best Baby Vital Monitors That Fit Every Parent Needs

I know that your child is a fragile and sensitive being. You should always keep an eye on them by monitoring them and ensure that they stay healthy and safe. Tracking your child`s vitals such as heart rate and breathing is important because it will show you the health and current condition. Monitoring these vitals will tell you if a baby needs medical attention or he/she is fine. Overall, it will make you more relaxed and confident. So how will you monitor baby`s vital? There are various ways but with evolving technology and science; there are best baby vital monitors that automatically do the work.

You do not have to worry about sleeping away from a baby because you can hear if your child needs attention. Many vital monitors have a transmitter that you keep in a room with your infant. Ensure to read all the instruction because some monitors require WIFI while others require the 3G/4G connection. Also related: Best Toys For Babies Learning To Walk.

Best Baby Vital Monitors

Tips for choosing the best baby vital monitors


There are two general types of vital monitors: analog and digital. Analog vital monitors are less costly, but any person within the range will hear to signal. Digital monitors can encrypt audio transmission thus making it hard for other people to eavesdrop. Some digital monitors also have a digital clock that can encrypt video images. For the best results, vital digital monitors are useful.


The smaller the receiver, the more easily you can carry it around your home. Maybe you need a monitor with a different parent unit or the one with the smart device; all are available in the market.


Invest in a battery that is durable. If the battery goes out, you may find it hard hearing the signals. Purchase a monitor that you can change the battery with either flashing lights or alarm. Other factors that you should take into consideration include multiple receivers, sound activated lights, and frequency.

Best baby vital monitors reviews

ImageNameBest For:Availability
Best baby vital monitorsOwlet Smart Sock 2 Baby MonitorBest baby oxygen monitorBuy it on Amazon
Best baby vital monitorsSense- U Baby Breathing and Rollover Movement monitor Best baby breathing monitorBuy it on Amazon
Snuza Hero Baby MonitorBest baby movement monitorBuy it on Amazon
Best baby vital monitorsMotorola MBP36XL Baby MonitorBaby monitor that plays musicBuy it on Amazon
Best baby vital monitorsSafeVIEW Baby MonitorLong range baby monitorBuy it on Amazon

1. Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

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If you want a baby monitor that can monitor  oxygen levels and other vitals, then Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor will serve you best. It is a popular and best baby vital monitor that dominates the industry. With enhancements in technology, a baby wears this monitor in the form of a sock. It is supple and soft and fits perfectly to baby`s foot. It does a lot of function. It monitors the baby`s level of oxygen, heart rate and many more. If something is unusual or abnormal, it transmits a signal to the base station. The light will pop up followed by a sound as a form of notifications. You can also install a mobile app thus giving you an easy time monitoring your baby; it gives you a confident and relaxed mood. It is highly reviewed and much affordable.

This baby monitor will let you know when the baby is awake or restless. You can change the sleeping angle of a baby. It also has a way you can keep tabs and make sure that your baby is sound and safe all night. Overall, this smart sock is easy to use, send alerts, grows with your child and above all easy to clean.

2. Sense- U Baby Breathing and Rollover Movement monitor

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Sense- U Baby Breathing and Rollover Movement monitor is budget-friendly. It is an award-winning baby`s item that you can easily attach it to diaper, sleep bag or baby`s sleeper. The vital baby monitor helps to monitor the baby`s breathing rate, movements, and temperature. You can connect it to a smartphone through the Bluetooth application. Through the app, it sends you a notification if your child breathing is abnormal or has stopped. It informs you when the temperature is high, or a child has rolled over to his/her stomach. Despite the low price, it is a competent device a typical parent needs.

The monitor has a sturdy clip where you can attach it to the diaper. It offers vibration to the baby and rouses them every 20 seconds. In case the baby does not move for about 5 seconds, the alarm produces sound. You do have to worry because the sound of the signal will not awaken a baby.

3. Snuza Hero

Best baby vital monitors(Buy it now on Amazon)

The Snuza Hero is a wearable monitor that you can attach it to a diaper. It monitors all the abdominal movements of your child. It has a distinct vibrating element to send notifications. It is a portable and compact device. It comes with motion detectors that can detect any slight movement of your baby`s abdomen. If the abdominal movement stops for about 15 seconds, the Hero Movement Monitor will vibrate to alert a child and assist it does its function.

In case a monitor vibrates three times with no abdominal movement, it has two speakers with sharp and audible sound to send alerts to parent and save a baby quickly. The Snuza hero is easy to use because it has no cord, sensors or wires. It is driven by a rechargeable battery. The battery is long-lasting and goes off after 3000 hours. Snuza Hero has received a lot of rating making it among the list of best baby vital monitors.

4. Motorola MBP36XL Baby Monitor

Best Baby Vital Monitors(See user reviews on Amazon)

The Motorola MBP36XL Baby Monitor is perfect for homes with big space. It has many convenient features. You can get the best view of your child by tilting, zooming the camera using a remote pan. You do not have to visit the nursery often, it comes with a button, and you can press and play various lullabies. You can unplug it and transfer to other room. The battery lasts for around three hours. It comes with 1000 foot range which makes it an impressive feature. It also displays room temperature. You can connect up to 4 cameras making it easy to monitor children in different rooms. The loud beeping will not affect sleeping patterns of a child.

5. Samsung SEP-1001R


Best Baby Vital Monitors

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SafeVIEW offers many whistles and bells. You can remotely control a baby as you tilt, zoom or pan the camera. It provides two-way communication. It covers around 900 feet. Thus you do not have worries while chatting with your neighbor as your child sleeps. It comes with an in-built nightlight; you can turn it on and off using a monitor.

When there is a lot of noise outside, you can comfortably reduce sound sensitivity to stop the background noise. However, you should continuously plug in for recharge. The view screen is of good quality. It is very precise to movements and sounds. You can also read this article about baby toys that light up.


There you have it guys, choosing a monitor that ensures your baby’s vitals are monitored is never an overwhelming task again. You can also read this article about baby monitors with camera or this one about video monitors with multiple cameras or check these long range baby monitors if you’ve got a big house

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