Best Diaper Backpack Reviews

Best Diaper Backpack Reviews

Your newborn is going to need tons of stuff after he’s born and every time you leave the house, you’ll at times get the feeling- “oh my God, I’m going out for camping?”

A diaper backpack is an indispensable baby item that you’ll need right from the time your baby is born. There are tons of backpacks sold in the market today that can be used as a diaper backpack from traditional messenger bags to totes, but nothing beats a backpack diaper bag.

While it is tempting to use your old school backpack as a diaper bag, it’s important to note that the best diaper backpacks are made with easy to clean fabric and have more pockets and other important features.

As usual, I’ve spent several days researching for the best diaper backpacks that fit every parent need and below is what I found out about these diaper bags.

Best Diaper Backpack Comparison Chart

Image Name Best For:
Jeep Perfect Pockets Diaper Backpack Best diaper backpack for dads
best diaper backpackHaloVa Waterproof Travel Diaper BackpackBest travel diaper backpack
Bag Nation Diaper Bag BackpackBest backpack diaper bag for twins
best diaper backpackOutlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant BackpackBest backpack to use as a diaper bag
best diaper backpackHSD Diaper Bag Backpack Best tactical diaper backpack bag
best diaper backpackBaby Diaper Bag and Backpack Best diaper backpack bag made in the USA

Best diaper backpack for dads

I remember a some of the years back when diaper bags were designed exclusively for moms. There were very few diaper backpacks for dads and almost every online store/local store my husband would visit- he’d find them out of stock.

Everything seems to have changed today, and the shortage of diaper bags for men is no more. These diaper backpacks come in all shapes and sizes. However, the most common diaper backpacks for dads are designed like the good-old-fashioned backpacks.

However, the question remains- which is the best diaper backpack for dads?

Jeep Perfect Pockets Diaper Backpack seems to answer the question as to which is the best diaper backpack for new dads. It features over ten pockets making it storage heaven for dads where you can stash creams, pacifiers, diapers, keys, large items like baby toys and your child’s clothes.

You can carry the diaper backpack on your back or attach it to the bar of your baby stroller thanks to the stroller loops on the bag.

Best travel diaper backpack

best diaper backpack

As a parent, you’ll find it difficult to travel with your baby– either in your car, using public transport or by air. However, you can make the travel much easier by purchasing the best diaper backpack where you can stash your baby essentials when you are on the go.

One of the best travel diaper backpack you can find on the market today, that’s worth every penny is the HaloVa Waterproof Travel Diaper Backpack. Its waterproof- your baby essentials will be kept dry all through your journey.

Some other features you will love about this diaper bag include: easy to access and wide pockets and nice interior lining that’s easy to clean. The front pocket of the bag is insulated making it ideal for drinks.

Best backpack diaper bag for twins

Now that your twins are already here with you-you’ll need every baby essential in doubles. Naturally, you will want a diaper backpack that big enough to accommodate your baby’s stuff.

As a mother of three who prefers diaper backpacks over traditional diaper bags, I researched from the options on the market today and found the best diaper backpack ideal for twins.

The best diaper bag backpack for twins is Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack. Its simplistic design makes it ideal for use by both moms and dads. You can use it as a diaper backpack or as an outdoor backpack especially if you need multiple pockets.

The diaper backpack boasts 14 pockets each with a different use; it’s also lightweight and durable. The only thing I didn’t like about Bag Nation diaper backpack is that it can set heavy due to its size.

Best backpack to use as a diaper bag

best diaper backpack

You’ve probably been disappointed by the diaper bags you bought before, or you need a backpack you can use for your outdoor activities as well.

If you want a backpack where you can stash baby stuff and also stash some of your items (especially when traveling), only one backpack can meet this requirement- it’s the Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant Backpack.

It weighs only 0.5pounds and holds up to 33 liters, and it’s fitted with mesh side pockets where you can stash umbrellas, water bottles. You can store smaller baby products in outer zipper compartments for easy access. It’s made of water-resistant fabric- this means that you don’t have to worry about any spillages reaching your baby clothes.

Best tactical diaper backpack bag

best diaper backpack

Parenthood is probably the most demanding task on a man and also most rewarding. A proud kick-ass dad deserves a tactical diaper backpack designed to last. As a man, carrying a diaper bag does not have to be girly.

HSD Diaper Bag Backpack resembles the Special Forces gear bag and has plenty of compartments to ensure that you stash everything that you’ll need for the day. It includes a large main compartment where you can stash your baby gear. The diaper bag is made of waterproof polyester to ensure that all the contents inside remain dry even when you get rained on.

Best diaper backpack bag made in the USA

best diaper backpack

If you want the best diaper backpack bag made in the United States, Baby Diaper Bag and Backpack is the best option for you. It is ideal for both girls and boys, and it’s also stylish enough for mom or dad to use without feeling embarrassed.

It’s made of fashionable, high-quality water resistant and leather handles. Additionally, the diaper bag has 13 pockets where you can store enough diapers as well as your items. The best part is that it comes with a lifetime warranty – this means that you will get a replacement if the bag doesn’t work.


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