How to Choose the Best Stroller for Your Baby

How to Choose the Best Stroller for Your Baby

It’s true that as a parent you will feel the urge to buy whatever your baby needs. From a baby carrier, car seats, breast pumps to ensure your baby is always full and a stroller to stroll your baby around while you run errands.

However, is a stroller a must-have baby gear? A stroller is not a must-have baby item at least not when your baby is less than 12 months old.

While these are strollers for infants and newborns, little ones love the feeling of being carried on your chest or the back. An excellent alternative to a stroller in the first few months after the baby is born is a baby carrier.

With so many strollers available on the market today, it can be quite hard to tell which one is the best stroller for your baby. Consider where you expect to push the stroller, where you live, and your budget of course. If you plan on buying a stroller solely for long urban walks, you will need a quality stroller that’s easy to maneuver in busy streets and in and out of the shop and public transportation.

If you live a car-oriented lifestyle, you should opt for a stroller that can be folded and can fit in your car whether sedan or SUV. However, if you intend to use the stroller to run quick errands, you can quickly get away with a car-seat stroller frame for infants or a lightweight stroller for toddlers.

For active moms, you will need a stroller with large wheels that can handle rugged terrains and with shock absorbers.

How to Choose the Best Stroller for Your Baby

Types of Strollers

There are five types of strollers on the market today.

Standard strollers

They come in different designs and styles, but they all have a padded reclining seat. Most standard strollers have storage baskets and sunshades and some, a baby seats facing forward while other facing the parent. Standard strollers can range from cheap strollers to the expensive ones loaded with extra features for convenience.

Travel Systems

Travel strollers can carry infant car seats. However, travel strollers are bulkier and more expensive compared to a stroller frame but can be used even when your child has outgrown their infant car seat. Travel systems often include a stroller and an infant car seat that can be attached to the stroller.

Best Travel Stroller Comparison Chart

ImageNameBest For
best travel strollerMountain Buggy Nano StrollerBest lightweight travel stroller
best travel strollerPockit Lightweight StrollerSmallest & Compact Stroller
best travel strollerUPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller (2018 model)Lightweight travel umbrella stroller
best travel strollerMaclaren Volo StrollerLightweight travel buggy
best travel strollerBesrey Airplane Stroller Best stroller for air travels

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Jogging strollers

Jogging strollers feature large wheels on a lightweight, shock absorbers and durable frame to deliver a smooth ride for both the baby and the pusher. Jogging strollers are best for hikes, runs, or when taking your child on long walks through the woods. Some jogging strollers can accommodate two children, either one-behind-the-other or side-by-side.

While these all-terrain strollers can navigate over curbs and steep scape hills in an urban environment, their size makes it hard to maneuver busy streets, through stores or downstairs.

Best Running Stroller Comparison Chart

Image NameWeight & Dimensions
best running strollerJoovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller25.7 pounds x 46" H x 25" W x 54" D
best running strollerBOB Revolution Pro Jogging Stroller30.5 pounds x 44x25.4x43 inches
best running strollerMountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller28.5 pounds x 46 x 25 x 42 inches
best jogging strollers for tall parentsBumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller24 pounds x 39x25x46 inches
best jogging stroller for joggingSchwinn Interval Jogging Stroller35 pounds x 15.2 inches x 20.1 x 35.2 inches

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Car-seat stroller frames

They are lightweight metal frames designed to carry infant car seats. You can remove the infant car seat from your car and fix it on the stroller frame, and you’re rolling in second. Car-seat stroller frames are easy to fold can be stashed in your car trunk, and they don’t take up much space. Unfortunately, when your baby outgrows his/her infant car seat, you will not be able to use it anymore.

Umbrella strollers

Umbrella strollers sometimes called lightweight strollers weight up to 12 pounds and fold compactly. While umbrella strollers may not be very adjustable or offer much padding, they are usually cheaper compared to other models with more features. Some parents use umbrella strollers for traveling or as backup strollers. Most umbrella strollers are not ideal for infant/newborns because they don’t fully recline and some don’t offer much head support.

Umbrella Stroller Comparison Chart

best travel stroller GB Pockit StrollerBest Cheap Umbrella Stroller
best umbrella strollerMaclaren Mark IIBest Lightweight Umbrella Stroller
best umbrella strollerSummer Infant 3DtoteUmbrella stroller with large storage
best umbrella strollerMountain Buggy Nano StrollerEveryday umbrella stroller
best umbrella strollerUPPAbaby G-LinkSide by Side Umbrella Stroller
best umbrella strollerSummer Infant 3DtwoBest Tandem Umbrella Stroller
best umbrella strollerJoovy Groove UltralightUmbrella stroller for infants
Best umbrella strollerSummer Infant 3DLiteBest Reclining Umbrella Stroller
best umbrella strollerKolcraft CloudBest Cheap Umbrella Stroller
best umbrella strollerChicco Liteway PlusBest Car Seat Compatible Umbrella Stroller
best umbrella strollerSummer Infant 3DFlipBest Reversible Umbrella Stroller

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Double strollers

Double strollers are of two types: tandem and side by side models. In tandem strollers, one child sits behind the other and can be ideal for a baby and an elder sibling. On the other hand, side by side strollers is suitable for twins or siblings with the small age gap. While tandem strollers are easy to maneuver around, they have limited legroom on the rear seat. Side by side strollers are hard to maneuver around, but they offer equal comfort for both passengers, unlike tandem strollers.

Best Double Strollers Comparison Chart

ImageNameBest for:
Best Double StrollersZOE XLC BEST V2 Double Umbrella StrollerDouble Umbrella Stroller
best double strollers Baby Jogger City Mini DoubleSide By Side Stroller
Best Double StrollersJoovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Sit and Stand Double Stroller
Best Double StrollersBOB Revolution Flex DuallieDouble Jogging Stroller
Best Double StrollersGraco DuoGlider Click Connect StrollerIn-Line Or Tandem Double Stroller

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10 Things To Should Know Before Buying a Stroller

  1. Safety: This is the first feature you should consider when buying a stroller for your baby. The stroller frame should lock into position as this will prevent the stroller from collapsing when strolling around. Additionally, ensure that the stroller has no sharp protrusions or edges. The stroller should be JPMA certified.
  2. Brakes: The brakes should be easy to operate regardless of the type of shoe you are wearing. Some strollers, such as jogging strollers have both hand and foot brakes.
  3. Storage: If you will be hauling most of your baby items and stuffed toys, consider a stroller with sufficient storage space.
  4. Versatility: Strollers that can convert to double or triple strollers are great for parents who plan on having more children. When looking for a stroller, go for strollers that take accessories such as riding boards, and bassinets.
  5. Canopy: a stroller with canopy will protect your baby from rain, wind, and Canopies that offer ultraviolet protection are ideal for sunny walks.
  6. Maneuverability: Strollers with wheels that can swivel make it easier to maneuver and turn around.
  7. Harness: all strollers have a restraint system. The safest restraint system is a 5-point harness. The buckle should safely secure your child and also be easy to unhook.
  8. Seat: newborns need a stroller seat that reclines to a flat position until they develop head control. Additionally, older babies will need a reclining seat for napping. Check the stroller seat reclining mechanism before buying.
  9. Fabric: Babies can be messy. Make sure the stroller you buy has a removable, washable fabric for easier cleaning
  10. Handle height: The stroller handlebar should be at or relatively below the pusher’s waist level. Most strollers on the market today are designed for average size woman. However, if you feel that you don’t fit this description, you can opt for a stroller with adjustable handlebars.

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